HES Basic Instruction

Requirements & Elective Activity Courses

The Department of Health and Exercise Science (HES) teaches HES 100: Lifestyles and Health (1 hour) and HES 101: Exercise for Health (1 hour) to fulfill the basic requirement at the University. HES 100 is a lecture course that deals with the effect of lifestyle behaviors on various college health concerns, including nutrition, stress management, substance abuse, and sexual health. HES 101 is a companion course to HES 100. HES 101 is a laboratory course on physical fitness that covers cardiovascular endurance, muscular fitness and flexibility. Both courses are taught in half semester sections. Students must complete this requirement before enrolling in additional HES elective activity courses, and in any case, by the end of their second year.

The Department of Health and Exercise Science also teaches HES 120: Fitness Activities, elective activity courses that are commonly taken by sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These courses offer valuable options in which students will learn a variety of ways to maintain physical activity while at college. The benefits of these courses also extend beyond the college years as activity skills and exercise interests are often followed for a lifetime  HES 120 are offered full semester for one (1) hour pass/fail credit.

Basic Activity Courses

HES 100. Lifestyles and Health (1) Woodard

HES 101. Exercise for Health (1) Woodard

HES 112. Sports Proficiency (1)

HES 120. Fitness Activities (1)
Course topics: Weight Training, Rock Climbing, Tai Chi, Yoga, RAD.

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