Welcome to the Department of Health & Exercise Science

Motto & Purpose


Preventing chronic disease and disability


To advance the understanding of health and the prevention / treatment of chronic disease and physical disability

Our Faculty

In the classroom, our faculty are preparing future leaders in health care.  The department has a strong record as teacher and scholars, and individual faculty members have won teaching and research awards.  WFU’s Health & Exercise Science faculty have a rich history of securing external research funding in support of our motto. Our faculty are regarded as experts in their respective fields. We hold fast to the Teacher Scholar ideals of the University and support its motto: Pro Humanitate.

Our Graduates

Graduates of WFU Health & Exercise Science compete for positions in professional and graduate programs in medicine, allied health and other health care programs.

Former graduates from the department hold leadership positions in the field of health care and medicine.

HES Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science

The course of study is designed to prepare individuals for careers in medicine and allied health, such as preventive and rehabilitative programs or for further graduate study in the health sciences. The majority of our students pursue careers as physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, and nutritionists.  Others pursue further education and careers in dentistry, public health, exercise physiology, health psychology, and biomechanics.

Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Health and Exercise Science

HES also offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Health and Exercise Science.
Those interested may apply to the HES Honors Research Program.

Master of Science in Health and Exercise Science

HES offers a 2 year program leading to a Master of Science degree in Health & Exercise Science.
First year MS degree students serve an internship with WFU’s Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle ProgramS (HELPS) program.  By virtue of our programs of research and rehabilitation, WFU’s Health & Exercise Science department provides an important service to the community at our Clinical Research Center.