Application Information

Application Procedures

Applications for the Health and Exercise Science program may be obtained by contacting the Graduate School at 800-257-3166. Alternatively you can access the application materials online by going to the WFU Graduate School website. The deadline for receipt of all application materials is January 15. Graduate students are selected on the basis of undergraduate records, statement of interest, letters of recommendation, special background experiences or abilities, and scores on the verbal and quantitative parts of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). In order to have GRE scores reported to the graduate office prior to the January 15 deadline, the exams must be taken no later than November 1. Therefore, applicants are strongly urged to take the GRE as early as possible and to have their graduate file completed before January 15.

Your application should contain the official application form from the Graduate School website, three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your academic qualifications, your GRE scores, your official university transcripts, and a 1-2 page resume. In addition, all applicants should include a 1-2 page statement outlining your interest in exercise science, your reasons for applying to our program, and a description of your future goals.

Applicants with a file that is incomplete on January 15 will not be considered for admission. Applicants should contact the graduate school once all materials have been sent in to verify receipt of those materials by the graduate school.

Requirements & Prerequisites

Candidates for the Health and Exercise Science program are encouraged to have an undergraduate major or minor in exercise science and an undergraduate concentration in the sciences. The prerequisites for this program include course work in:

  • Human Physiology
  • Physiology of Exercise
  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics or Physics

These courses should be completed before admission to the program. None of the prerequisites may apply toward the graduate degree.

As a guide for applicants, we look for a GRE score of approximately 300 with a balance between the verbal and quantitative score, e.g., 150 verbal,  150 quantitative.  We recommend that you take the GRE early in the process so that you have time to retake the test should you not achieve this score.

Financial Assistance

Admission to the graduate program is very competitive as only 9-10 students are selected for admission each year. The department of Health and Exercise Science has 7 full-time teaching assistantships and 2-3 partial scholarships to offer well-qualified applicants. The teaching assistantships include a complete tuition waiver and a stipend of $10,000 each year whereas the partial scholarships reduce the tuition costs of attending WFU.

All admitted students will receive a laptop computer and financial support during the summer months (June and July) as well as support to attend a professional conference (i.e. Southeast ACSM) each year. Furthermore, funds are available for HES graduate students to present research findings at professional conferences as well as obtain professional certifications (i.e. ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist).


On campus interviews are strongly encouraged and should be scheduled for January or February. If logistics prevent an on campus interview, arrangements can be made to conduct the interview by phone/Skype.

To make arrangements for an interview, contact Dr. Peter Brubaker, the HES Graduate Program Director, at 336-758-4683 or