Peter Brubaker, Department Chair and Professor of Health and Exercise Science, called Jack Rejeski “arguably the top scholar to ever work on the Reynolda Campus.”

He is a prolific teacher-scholar who has published more papers and received more grants than anyone Brubaker has ever known.

At the same time,

Brubaker said Rejeski is like the Cookie Monster because of his ridiculous ability to consume massive amounts of chocolate. Maybe all that sugar fuels him to do such tireless work.

Rejeski has exemplified his department’s culture and commitment for its faculty to conduct research at the highest level. As a distinguished behavioral scientist, he has collaborated with faculty members in his department, across the College, and in the Medical School on projects of all sorts.

It seems like every other week Rejeski is receiving another grant. He has also written more than 100 publications – all as part of his lifelong quest to understand human behavior and how to get people more physically active.

Rejeski has remained a remarkable teacher and mentor willing to meet anytime with his students to discuss class, their career goals, or life in general. It helps if they bring chocolate with them.

“Jack really has no professional flaws or weaknesses, but he does have a particular personal weakness – chocolate,” Brubaker said. “Whenever chocolate is around, Jack won’t be too far away. If anyone leaves chocolate out or most any sweet, Jack will find it.”