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Michael Berry (Professor):

  • Co-investigator on "Early ICU Standardized Rehabilitation Therapy for the Critically Injured Burn Patient", a five year study funded by the Department of the Army, Department of Defense. 

Pete Brubaker (Professor):

  • Ayabe M, Brubaker PH, Ishi K, Yahiro T, Kiyonaga K, Shindo M, Tanaka H.  “Objectively Measured Physical Activity Levels of Venetian Adults.”  Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness (in press)
  • Haykowsky MJ, Brubaker PH, Stewart KP, Morgan TM, Eggebeen J, Kitsman DW.  “Effect of Endurance Training on the Determinants of Peak Exercise Oxygen Consumption in Elderly Patients with Stable Compensated Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction.”  Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2012 Jul 10;60(2):120-8. PMID:22766338
  • Haykowsky M, Brubaker PH, Kitzman D.  “Role of Physical Training in Heart Failure with a Preserved Ejection Fraction.”  Current Heart Failure Reports. 2012 Jun;9(2):101-6. PMID:22430146

  • Presentations:
    • Keynote Speaker at Internation Conference on Exercise Testing and Prescription for Chronic Disease Prevention.  August 2012.  Manipal, India
    • “Measuring Cardiac Function During Exercise: Established and Evolving Techniques (organized and chaired conversational forum)”.  June 2012.  American College of Sports Medicine, San Francisco, CA
    • Keynote Speaker at Exercise Sport Science Australia National Conference.  April 2012.  Gold Coast Australia.  “Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Management: Are They Getting the Right Dose?”

Tony Marsh (Professor):

  • Miller GD, Marsh AP, Dove RW, Beavers D, Pressley T, Helms C, Bechtold E, King SB, Kim-Shapiro D. “Plasma Nitrate and Nitrite are Increased by a High-Nitrate Supplement but Not by High-Nitrate Foods in Older Adults.”  Nutrition Research.  2012 Mar;32(3):160-8.
  • Daly M, Vidt ME, Eggebeen JD, Miller ME, Simpson WG, Marsh AP, Saul KR.  “Upper Extremity Muscle Volumes and Functional Strength Following Resistance Training in Older Adults.”  Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.  2012 (Accepted)
  • Patricia Painter, Elaine Cress, Anthony Marsh, Stephanie Studenski.  “Measurement of Physical Function: What We Can Learn from Research in Gerontology.”  Selected for presentation at the 2013 Annual Meeting and 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 28-June 1.

Jeff Katula (Assistant Professor):

  • Rosenberger EL, Goff DC, Isom S, Whitt-Glover M, & Katula JA (In press).  “Relationship of Weekly Activity Minutes to Metabolic Syndrome in Prediabetes: The Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes”, Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

  • Presentations:
    • Katula JA, Lovato LC, Launer LJ, Williamson JD.  “The Relationships Among Help-Seeking Behavior and Cognition in Patients with Diabetes.  Paper presented at the American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions, June 2012, Philadelphia, PA.
    • Katula JA. for the HELP PD Research Group.  “The Mediational Role of Weight Loss in Glucose Reduction in the Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes (HELP PD):  A Randomized Controlled Trial.”  Paper presented at the Annual Conference for the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Apri2012, New Orleans, LA.
    • Rosenberger Hale EL, Goff DC, Vitolins MZ, Isom S, Blackwell CS, Whitt-Glover M, & Katula JA. “ Relationship of Weekly Activity Minutes to Metabolic Syndrome in Prediabetes:  The Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes Study.”  Paper presented at the Annual Conference for the Society of Behavioral Medicine. April 2012, New Orleans, LA.
    • Katula JA. for the HELP PD Research Group. Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes (HELP PD):  Challenges of Community-based Translations.  Invited paper presented at the National Institutes of Health Dissemination & Implementation Conference, March 19-20, 2012, Bethesda, MD.

  • Grants Funded (8/1/12):
    • Translating Lifestyle Interventions for Clinic and Community for Diabetes (Katula & Bertoni, PIs): Comparative Effectiveness Trial Comparing Two Methods of Delivering Weight Loss Interventions to Patients with Diabetes Aimed at Reducing Cardiovascular Risk.
    • Latino Diabetes Prevention Trial (Calles, Vitolins, PIs; Katula, Co-investigator). Translational Study in which the HELP PD Intervention will be Delivered Through Several Latino Churches in Winston-Salem.
    • Both of these grants are funded through the new Maya Angelou Center for Health Disparities Center of Excellence (P60), funded by the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities.

Kristen Beavers (Visiting Assistant Professor):

  • Beavers KM, Hsu FC, Houston DK, Beavers DP, Harris TV, Hue TF, Kim LJ, Koster A, Penninx BP, Simonsick EM, Strotmeyer ES, Kritchevsky SB, and Nicklas BJ.  “The Role of Metabolic Syndrome, Adiposity, and Inflammation in Physical Performance in the Health ABC Study.”  Accepted to The Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences


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