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J. B. Snow Biomechanics Laboratory

J.B. Snow LaboratoryThe J. B. Snow Biomechanics laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art Motion Analysis Corp. 3D optical motion capture system with six Eagle 500Hz cameras. This system has the latest Eagle real-time software. A separate Motion Analysis Corp. system exists to calculate both sagittal and rear view kinematics and consists of a 60/200 Hz high speed monochrome video camera, NAC 200 Hz video recorder, a VP-320 Dynamic Image Processor, and software to digitize the video tape automatically.

There are also 2 Panasonic video camcorders and a LoCam Model 51 (18-500 Hz) 16 mm film camera. Kinematic analyses for undergraduate laboratories are carried out using a Pentium computer, Sony digital video cameras, a Firewire card and Motion Analysis Corp.'s Video Expert II software. An AMTI Model SGA6-4 force platform is mounted in a 25 meter walkway equipped with a Lafayette Model 63501 photoelectric timing system.

The force platform can be used alone for ground reaction force collection and center of pressure measurement. The force platform is also interfaced via a National Instruments A/D board with the Motion Analysis video system for inverse dynamic analyses of movement. Both systems output data to network printers. A Biopac data collection system interfaced to a Pentium computer is a recent addition to the equipment list. It can be used to collect up to 16 channels of data (EMG, force, etc.).

Additional equipment includes a KinCom isokinetic dynamometer, a Novel EMED foot pressure measurement system, a GaitRite instrumented carpet for spatiotemporal gait analysis, a portable AMTI force platform for balance assessment, and a Quinton Model 18-60 clinical research treadmill.  The lab has 4 Pentium computers connected to the campus network.


Human Performance Laboratory

J.B. Snow LaboratoryThe Human Performance Laboratory is comprised of a records management area, a blood drawing area, a subject/patient examination room, 2 exercise testing areas, a pulmonary function testing laboratory and a physical function laboratory.

The Human Performance laboratory is equipped with a Medical Graphics Cardio2 exercise testing system (includes both an electrocardiogram and a gas collection system) and a Medical Graphics CPX-D automated gas collection system; a Medical Graphics CPX-Express portable automated gas collection system; a semi-automated gas collection system consisting of a Beckman LB-2 carbon dioxide analyzer and a Beckman OM-11 oxygen analyzer; Quinton Q3000 and 630 electrocardiograms; 2 PhysioControl Lifepak5 defibrillators and 1 Lifepak6 defibrillator; Quinton Q65 and 18-60 treadmills; a Trackmaster 400S treadmill; a Collins Modular Lung analyzer, a Collins 120 liter gasometer, a 9 liter chain compensated spirometer and a Medical Graphics 1085-D plethysmograph. 

Recent additions to the laboratory are a BodPod body composition system and two Cosmed portable gas analysis systems.



Blood Chemistry Laboratory

The Blood Chemistry laboratory contains the following equipment: a Kodak EktachemDT-60 blood chemistry analyzer, a Perkin-Elmer Coleman 101 spectrophotometer, a Spectronic Genesys 5 spectrophotometer, a Yellow Springs Instrument 2300 Stat Plus glucose/lactate analyzer, a Fisher Isotemp plasma storage freezer (-40¡C), a Puffer Hubbard 3 cu. ft biofreezer (-90¡C), a Beckman TJ-6 centrifuge with a TJ-R refrigeration unit, a Fisher 228 centrifuge, an IEXC MB microhematocrit centrifuge, 2 Lloyd-Gallenkamp gas analyzers, and assorted glassware and pipettes.


Physical Function Laboratory

The Physical Function Laboratory consist of a room measuring approximately 15’ by 20’. Located in this laboratory a various apparatus for assessing physical function and physical performance in individuals. The ability to measure such tasks a stair climbing, lifting and carrying, ambulation and entering and exiting a car can be determined using the apparatus in this room.


Behavioral Physiology Laboratory

J.B. Snow LaboratoryThe Behavioral Physiology laboratory consists of a 2 separate rooms.

The first room is a multi-purpose room:

(a) it can be used for group interventions,
(b) there are individual testing stations where subjects have privacy for completing questionnaires and
(c) it can be used as a metabolic testing laboratory in that it has Medical Graphics CPX automated gas collection system, a Quinton Q55 treadmill, a Quinton Q3000 electrocardiogram and several bicycle ergometers.

The other room serves as a chamber for relaxation training and biofeedback. while the other is a small metabolic testing lab equipped with the second.

The behavioral physiology laboratory is equipped with a Zenith microcomputer and Unicomp Software (J&J I-330 system) for biofeedback training.





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