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  Department Chair: Dr. Michael Berry

HES Faculty
Beavers, Kristen Assistant Professor 758-5855 Worrell 2155 beaverkm@wfu.edu
Berry, Michael Chair, Professor 758-5847 Worrell 2164A berry@wfu.edu
Brubaker, Pete Professor 758-4683 Worrell 2162 brubaker@wfu.edu
Eaves, Ted Visiting Assistant Professor 758-2439 Worrell 2157 eaveseh@wfu.edu
Katula, Jeff Associate Professor 758-3612 Worrell 2160 katulaj@wfu.edu
Lambros, M. Ann Adjunct Associate Professor     lambroma@wfu.edu
Marsh, Tony Professor 758-4643 Worrell 2161 marshap@wfu.edu
Messier, Steve Professor    758-5849 Worrell 2152 messier@wfu.edu
Mihalko, Shannon Associate Professor 758-1945 Worrell 2159 mihalksl@wfu.edu
Miller, Gary Associate Professor 758-1901 Worrell 2158 millergd@wfu.edu
Nixon, Pat Professor 758-4642 Worrell 2153 nixonpa@wfu.edu
Rejeski, Jack Professor    758-5837 Worrell 2156 rejeski@wfu.edu
Ribisl, Paul Professor Emeritus     ribisl@wfu.edu
Romeo, Natascha Assistant Professor of Practice 758-5937 Worrell 1153 romeonl@wfu.edu
Ross, Jim Assistant Professor of Practice 758-4955 Worrell 2154 rossjh@wfu.edu
Welti, Laura Visiting Lecturer 758-5396 Worrell 1154 weltlm14@wfu.edu
Woodard, Sharon Associate Professor of Practice 758-5848 Worrell 1155 woodarsk@wfu.edu
Wrights, Abbie Visiting Lecturer 758-5973 Worrell 1156 wrightap@wfu.edu

HES Staff
Beringer, Danielle STARS/TRAILS IR 758-5064 Worrell 0188 beringdn@wfu.edu
Gianna Blundo START/STARS/WE CAN 758-5019 Worrell 1173 blunge11@wfu.edu
Bowman, Kiersten Instructional Technology Specialist 758-7153 Worrell 1165 bowmankm@wfu.edu
Cox, Andrea HELPS 758-5853 Worrell 1157 shuttar@wfu.edu
Ellis, Julie HELPS 713-8173   ellisje@wfu.edu
Fanning, Jason Postdoctoral Fellow 758-5042 Worrell 1164 fanninjt@wfu.edu
Ford, Sherri Empower/Medifast     fordsa@wfu.edu
Gaukstern, Jill CLIP II/Medifast 758-3795 Worrell 1160 gaukstje@wfu.edu
Griffith, Erika HELPS/WE CAN/STARS 758-3486 Worrell 1172 grifel12@wfu.edu
Hamm, Danny WE CAN 758-3728 Worrell 1175 hammdm@wfu.edu
Hill, Ryan START/WE CAN 758-3247 Worrell 0189 hillrd@wfu.edu
Megan Jenkins STARS 758-5044 Worrell 1163 jenkm14@wfu.edu
Kennedy, Patty Administrative Assistant 758-5391 Worrell 2164B kennedyp@wfu.edu
Love, Monica START/TRAILS IR/WE CAN/STARS 758-3075 Worrell 1183 munseymj@wfu.edu
Nesbit, Beverly CLIP II/Medifast 758-4272 Worrell 1158 nesbitba@wfu.edu
Newman, Jovita START/HES Labs/CRC 758-3969 Worrell 1159 jollajk@wfu.edu
Sabatino, Alicia WE CAN 758-3762 Worrell 1173 sabaan14@wfu.edu
Schacht, Elena TRAILS RT/START/STARS 758-4866 Worrell 1176 schaches@wfu.edu
Sheedy, Jessica CLIP II/Medifast 758-8179 Worrell 1182 sheedyjl@wfu.edu
Woodard, Mark Business Manager 758-4705 Worrell 2164C woodard@wfu.edu

Wake Forest University, Health and Exercise Science Dept.
PO Box 7868, Winston-Salem, NC 27109
p: 336-758-5391 | f: 336-758-4680

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